Product Description


This programme proved to be so popular that I have pre-recorded the content so that its now available on-demand at my learning academy here. Either follow the link for more info or read below about the amazing content that you'll get.


Have you entered a running event this year but are having doubts about the distance?
Maybe you'd like to run a longer distance event but confidence has stopped you from entering?
Whatever the event or distance, my Running Psychology Programme will improve your confidence, address any pre-event anxiety and teach you some essential mental skills.


I'm Ali Mahoney, an accredited Sport Psychology practitioner. I'm based in South Wales, UK and work with athletes from grassroots to elite across a range of sports. I'm driven by making a difference to the people that I work with and am looking forward to working with you! Want to know more about what I do? You can find out more about me here and in my portfolio.


You'll get access to FOUR Sport Psychology workshops. This programme is designed to boost your confidence, reduce your anxiety and provide you with essential mental skills that you can use during training and during the event itself.

1 - Confidence Workshop

We'll be starting with this workshop as I believe that confidence is the number one thing that any runner needs to be able to get to the start line, and also cross the finish line. Confidence can be elusive at times which is why it's important to understand more about it, and how to build and maintain it. In this workshop you'll learn:

  • Why Confidence is essential for running
  • Different sources of Confidence
  • Practical tools to build and maintain confidence

2 - Self-Talk Workshop

Ever talked yourself out of entering an event? Or persuaded yourself to miss a training run in the rain? Ever told yourself that you're exhausted and can't run another step? Left unchecked, negative self-talk can stifle your development as a runner. But used in the right way, self-talk can be a huge asset. This workshop will cover:

  • What Self-Talk is
  • Why Self-Talk is important
  • Different types of Self-Talk
  • A framework to Check, Challenge and Change your Self-Talk

3 - Mental Rehearsal Workshop

Mental rehearsal, also known as visualisation, is a brilliant tool that helps with reducing negative thoughts, reducing pre-event anxiety and maintaining motivation. In this workshop we'll cover:

  • What Mental Rehearsal is
  • Why Mental Rehearsal is beneficial for running
  • How and when to use Mental Rehearsal in running

4 - Performance Anxiety Workshop

As you get closer to the event(s) that you've entered, you might experience a build up of anxiety. It's not uncommon to experience an increase in negative thoughts, overwhelming emotions and even thoughts about pulling out. That's why the final workshop will cover the following:

  • What Performance Anxiety is
  • Mental and Physical 'red flags'
  • Practical tools to manage Performance Anxiety better

Programme Details

When you join the programme you'll be invited to join the Running Psychology Facebook group. This is a private group where I'll be providing further advice and guidance throughout the year to support your running goals.

What now?

If you'd like to invest in your future self and develop your mental strength for running then join my on-demand programme now!

If you have any further questions before joining then please contact me and I'll be happy to help.