Product Description

Competing in sport is full of high pressure situations where relaxation at key points is crucial.

But, have you got the skills to be able to relax at the right moment so that your body and mind can perform to their best?

Relaxation is an essential strategy for sports performance that can be learned. It can help to stop athletes from becoming overly anxious and to manage the physical symptoms associated with anxiety.

In this one hour session with me you will learn:

  • What Relaxation is
  • Why its important in sport
  • How you can recognise when relaxation is needed
  • Key relaxation strategies that you can learn and practice

This session is delivered online either by Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams on a day / time to suit you.

As soon as you book a session I'll be in touch to arrange a day / time to suit you.

If you have any questions in advance of booking, please contact me.