Product Description

Have you ever wondered why some sports people with the same talents don't quite reach their full potential? Or why some sports people view new challenges as a threat to their ability?

Mindset is key.

A Fixed Mindset limits growth, development and belief in ability. Whereas a Growth Mindset opens people up to embrace new challenges, develop and reach their full potential.

This 1-hour workshop is aimed at either sports teams or sports coaches to give them an introduction to Growth Mindset. Based on the research by Carol Dweck, you will be introduced to Growth Mindset in sport and will learn:

  • The origins of Growth Mindset
  • What a Fixed Mindset looks like
  • What a Growth Mindset looks like
  • The advantages of a Growth Mindset in sport
  • How to develop a Growth Mindset in sport

This session is delivered online either by Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams on a day / time to suit you.

As soon as you book a session I'll be in touch to arrange a day / time to suit you.

If you have any questions in advance of booking, please contact me.