What’s the best way to tackle a human powered adventure, either by bike, by foot or through water?

Learn how Ali Mahoney (owner of ithinksport) used a range of mental skills and strategies to tackle a 767 mile bike ride with a total climbing height of over 28,000 feet (almost the height of Everest), from Pontypridd in South Wales to Chamonix in the French Alps.

How do you keep riding long distances day after day without giving up? And how do you manage the negative self-talk that creeps in when the going gets tough?

Ali provides a useful and detailed insight into the mental strategies that she put into use from early training days through to the ride itself and the days and weeks afterwards. Based on a workshop that she presented at the Women’s Adventure Expo, this course goes into greater depth.

If you’re thinking of undertaking your own long-distance-human-powered-adventure either by bike, by foot or on water, then this course if for you.

Course Curriculum

Cycleogical – Introduction 00:02:00
Dare to Dream 00:10:00
Positive Asset Search 00:10:00
Goals and Milestones 00:10:00
Simulation Training 00:10:00
Coping with Adversity 00:10:00
Self Talk Awareness 00:10:00
Imagery Boost 00:10:00
The Ride Video 00:10:00
Next Steps 00:02:00

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  1. Brilliant skills & strategies


    I took this course just before a bike tour of Wales as I was a bit nervous about wether I’d be able to cope with the distance and terrain. The course really put me at ease and helped me to rationalise a LOT of fears! Would recommend it to anyone doing something long distance!

  2. Looking at past achievements really helps


    This course reminds you that you can draw on past achievements to help you achieve new goals and overcome new challenges. Really like the easy to follow content with personal stories from the course leader – a nice touch!

  3. Excellent information


    Really enjoyed this course. You can spend as much or as little of your time on it as you want – I went through quickly at first since I have some experience in endurance sport, but then I went back and took my time and got so much more out of it. I can see myself returning to it again and again in my adventure planning. Solid psychological advice that is made super accessible and logical by Ali’s worksheets and examples. I’m very inspired and can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned to my next challenge!

  4. Got me through some tough times


    I took the course before a 100km sportive. Injury and illness held me back from training over winter and I was very apprehensive running up to the event. Using the techniques in the course, I was able to draw on confidence from success in the past and reconcile in my head that the worst that would happen is that I was last and had to take a short cut back – this is what happened but although I was a DNF, it was the furthest I had ever ridden and I was really happy with my achievement! I am now training for a 10 day ride across Spain and feeling quietly confident.

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