Confidence Coaching


“How can I perform with more confidence?”

We show you how in our Confidence Coaching course.

Confidence is an essential component of successful sports performance, no matter what level you’re competing at, or what age you are.

But, when we have our confidence knocked or experience low confidence then we can lack the belief in our ability to perform, and can fail to reach our full athletic potential.

Join us on this course and get yourself equipped for a more confident approach to performance.

Course benefits

  • Learn what we mean by confidence
  • Challenge the internal and external factors that have an impact on confidence
  • Challenge self-doubts
  • Manage feelings of anxiety
  • Develop a growth mindset
  • Develop daily habits to grow your long term confidence

Building belief in your own ability means that you can achieve greater success in sport.







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Course Curriculum

Welcome to Confidence Coaching 00:05:00
Confidence explained 00:20:00
Verbal Persuasion to Empower You 00:20:00
Vibrant Visualisation for Success 00:20:00
Boost Confidence through Social Modelling 00:20:00
Why Your Body Lies to You 00:10:00
Managing the Powerful Emotions of Sport 00:10:00
The Importance of Successful Performances 00:10:00
Mastering Self-Confidence 00:10:00

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  1. Opened my eyes a lot!


    This has really given me so much information to work with. As someone who struggles within confidence after an injury it’s helped to put things in perspective for me, and some useful strategies.

  2. Excellent course!


    This has really made me think differently about confidence in my sport, and why I sometimes hold back from trying new things. I was impressed with how it was laid out, and how all the sections linked together to form the ‘building blocks’ of self-confidence. Answered a lot of questions I had – highly recommended!

  3. Excellent Course!


    I knew from the beginning of the course, I would find it extremely useful. The course is filled with detailed and useful information. The course is not only informative but practical. From the first few sections, I learnt more about confidence than I have ever. It has given me the knowledge and ability to apply what I have learnt into my everyday life. Ali Mahony has crafted a resourceful, helpful and enjoyable course for confidence. Highly recommended.

  4. Great


    This is just what I needed, ironed out many thoughts and how I should be thinking giving me a much more positive thinking pattern, I will referring to it quite a bit twice a week and jotting bits of information which really hit home.
    Thank you

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