Building your mental strength for ACL recovery


Get support for your anterior cruciate ligament injury and recover with increased confidence in the joint, less fear of re-injury and improved motivation.

Research suggests that up to 50% of sports people fail to return to their previous level of sport post-operation; mainly due to psychological factors. By implementing different strategies over the course of your rehabilitation, you can take more control of how you mentally recover from this injury.

The course is split into two parts but covers three key phases of recovery:

1/ Pre-operative Phase

2/ Post-operative Phase

3/ Return to Sport Phase

Course content is based upon a wealth of research in this field, with tried and tested strategies that have worked for other sports people, in a range of sports and at all levels.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to ACL Recovery 00:10:00
Pre-operative phase
Physical stages of recovey 00:10:00
Physical and Psychological responses to injury 00:10:00
Managing your Self-talk 00:10:00
Coping with Pre-operative Anxiety 00:10:00
Goal Setting for ACL recovery 00:10:00
Get Social 00:10:00
Post-operative & Return to Sport phase
Post-op rehabilitation starts here 00:10:00
Imagery use for ACL recovery 00:10:00
Knee self-efficacy 00:10:00
Post-operative Goal Setting 00:10:00
Returning to Sport 00:10:00
ACL Course Summary 00:05:00

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  1. Really useful


    This is my second ACL injury from playing sport and I wish I had this info the first time around. The course really helped me to understand the way I could deal with the injury better and challenged some of my negative thinking. I’m fully recovered now and would recommend this course to anyone with a sports ACL injury.

  2. Great resource!


    This is a great resource for anyone who had an ACL injury through sport.

  3. ACL recovery


    I’ve found this course very useful and packed full of detailed information – I’m sure I’ll return to it throughout my rehab as I’m recently post-op. I’m a non-competitive sportsperson but find the information on mental attitude, goal setting and visualisation both interesting and relevant. Though I didn’t do the course until after my op, the units on the pre-op phase and building a positive attitude are very good.

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