Sport Psychology is GREAT for Young People

I'm Ali Mahoney, a Sport Psychology Practitioner who provides One to One and Group workshops on a range of topics. I also run an on-demand Running Psychology Programme.

My passion for working in this field stems from supporting athletes to reach their full potential. Traditionally, sports people focus on their physical, technical and tactical development. Building mental strength is just as important, but this is often left to chance. That's where my work comes in.

Why do Young People need Sport Psychology?

A question that I'm often asked is 'do you work with young people'? And the answer is yes. As athletes transition through age groups and into more elite settings, the psychological demands change. As the demands change, the pressure to perform well increases. This can sometimes affect young athletes who aren't mentally prepared.

By learning different sport psychology skills and techniques, young athletes can be better prepared to meet the changing demands of their sport as they develop.

What ages do you work with?

I generally work with young people aged 13+ but I also work with younger clients alongside their parents.

Do parents / guardians need to sit in on your workshops?

Generally, no. If the young person is happy to have a one to one session without their parent / guardian involved, this can often lead to more honest and open discussions with the athlete. However, having a parent / guardian sit in can also be beneficial if the athlete is more reluctant to speak. Either way I would always follow the wishes of the young person.

What if my child is not keen to access support?

Having the young person's buy-in to this process is essential for it to have a positive effect. If they're not sure what the support entails or if its going to be beneficial, I can set up a quick phone call with both them and you to discuss my support further.

Is parent / guardian consent required?

Yes. For work with any person under the age of 18 I need a parent / guardian's consent, even if the parent / guardian is sitting in on the workshop. This involves filling out a short form before the session begins.

Where do we start?

The best way to start is to drop me a line through my website. Let me know some brief details about the young person including their age, their sport, the level they're competing at and why you / they feel that they need support at this time. Look forward to working with you!

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