My Top 5 Amazing Sports Documentaries For You To Watch

If you like watching sport documentaries and are looking for some new suggestions then check out my top 5 below. They're in no particular order. I'd also love to hear your own recommendations too so please drop me a line with your own favourites!


What's it about? Basketball, winning, team culture, high performance, goal setting, team politics, champion mindset and much more. This documentary series follows the life and achievements of Michael Jordan, a legend of Basketball. The insight into the achievements of both Jordan and the Chicago Bulls is fascinating. If you ever wanted to get into the mind of a champion then this is a great watch.

How long is it? 10 episodes of approx 1 hr each

Where can I watch it? Netflix


What's it about? Basically, it's about sports people that do bad things, despite their incredible talents and sporting status. This docs-series features six episodes about a range of sports including basketball, horse racing, cricket, motor racing, football and ice skating. If you enjoy true crime stories and love sport then you'll find this series intriguing. The psychology of decision making by the featured 'stars' is very interesting. It's amazing what people will do for money!

How long is it? Six episodes of about 1 hour each.

Where can I watch it? Netflix


What's it about? Losing! How do athletes cope when they lose? Especially if they're expected to win? The fact is, a lot can be learned from losing but that doesn't mean that the process is enjoyable. In this docu-series, powerful stories of failure are shared from a range of sports.

How long is it? 8 episodes of about 30mins each

Where can I watch it? Netflix


What's it about? This is a climbing documentary but wait! Even if you're not a fan of climbing, you'll love this. Alex Honnold attempts to climb El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, USA. The unique thing about this challenge is that he's attempting to climb the 3200ft granite wall without ropes; something that has never been achieved before. The documentary highlights Alex's mental preparation and also his fears. It's an incredible watch.

How long is it? 1h40mins

Where can I watch it? Amazon Prime


What's it about? This is a documentary all about an insane endurance event held in Tennessee, USA every year. The film is from 2015 and at the time of filming, only 10 people had finished the course in the event's 25 year history. It hasn't got any easier since then. Oh and its not a marathon in the traditional sense of the word! If you're interested in the psychology of endurance events then this is a great watch. Who knows, maybe you'll enter one year!

How long is it? 1h29mins

Where can I watch it? Amazon Prime

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